Medication Passport

Kuva sairaanhoitajasta

The medication passport is intended to support the learning of medication of students at universities of applied sciences and to confirm their competence development. It is based on the degree-specific medication competence requirements of the health care sector. The Medication Passport has been developed at Turku University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with other Finnish universities of applied sciences.

The Medication Passport makes the required medication competence transparent to

  • students
  • teachers and
  • mentors in the health service sector.

The Medication Passport supports the planning, implementation, and evaluation of medication studies. Students are mostly responsible for maintaining the records in the passport, while the teachers and clinical practice mentors record the achievements of goals in medication competence.

The Medication Passport is used by registered students at the universites that have acquired access to the system. The system is maintained by Turku University of Applied Sciences.

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